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For tourists

For tourists, Ruovesi is all about beautiful nature: its lush beaches, clear waters and verdant forests are full of beauty and tranquility. Ruovesi also offers an excellent range of activities and hobbies, both in summer and winter: snow invites visitors for cross-country skiing, forest trails welcome hikers, and lakes are superb for canoeing and fishing.

Information map, services (pdf)

Ruovesi tourist information open daily from 3rd of July to 18th og August 11am–6pm. Tel: +358 44 787 1388. Email: matkailu(at)ruovesi.fi (service in Finnish and English).

At other times: Municipal offices, Ruovedentie 30, open Mon–Fri 8am–4pm, days before public holidays 8am–3pm, from 9 to 29 July midday–2pm. Tel: +358 3 486 111 (switchboard) 8:15am–3:15pm. Email: kirjaamo(at)ruovesi.fi.