Lakes and canals

The largest lakes in Ruovesi are Näsijärvi, Ruovesi and Palovesi-Jäminginselkä, which also have the longest shorelines. The deepest lakes are Näsijärvi, Palovesi-Jäminginselkä and Kovero. Ruovesi has a total of 211 lakes covering a surface area of 173.96 km2, meaning that inland waters account for 18.3 per cent of the municipality’s surface area. Näsijärvi is the heart of tourism in the Ruovesi area: it is an important part of the landscape and life for thousands of Pirkanmaa residents.

Harbour services in Ruovesi are provided by the Ruovesi marina and Murole canal. Murole canal is located on the northern part of Näsijärvi. It is 315 m in length and connects Palovesi to Vankavesi. Ruovesi is also home to the 160 m long Kaivoskanta canal, which is located to the north of the Visuvesi village and is traversed by the largest single-beam pivot bridge in the Nordic countries. There is also the 160 m long Kauttu canal between Palovesi and Ruovesi.

Further information about lakes: Lake & see Wiki.

Opening times of canals and bridges

Ruovesi tourist information open daily in summer 11am–6pm. Tel: +358 44 787 1388. Email: matkailu(at)ruovesi.fi (service in Finnish and English).