Into the forest or out fishing

The forest can be a pleasure in many ways: it is a great place to calm the mind, go out for an adventure, go rambling and get some exercise. Forests are abundant with mushrooms and berries, while fans of hunting may bring home even more. Ruovesi has about 1200 hectares of forest, including state forests, which include the conservation areas such as Helvetinjärvi Helvetinjärvi National park and Siikaneva wetlands conservation area.

In Finland as in all Nordic countries, people can roam freely in forests and on the land: this is a long-standing traditional right known as everyman's right (pdf), which is not subject to legislation.

There are more than 200 lakes in Ruovesi, so plenty of shores for fishermen to cast their lines from.
Hook-and-line fishing and ice fishing are general fishing rights that are free of charge. Permits are required for other types of fishing. The permits required depend on the type of fishing and the equipment that is used, as well as the fisherman’s age and the body of water.

Everyman's right (pdf)
Helvetinjärvi National Park
Metsähallitus excursion map
Finnish forests
Fishing in Finland

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